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Lee ended up getting with CM Punk after he broke up with Lita, and the two eventually got married. Why is that so weird? The photo actually used in the magazine was airbrushed a lot more, but I opted to go for the lita, unaltered version for this list as it was more colorful than old magazine scans, and Lita still looks stunning in either variant. I love this photograph.

The thong proudly showing out the top of her trousers was one of pictures main draws to Lita as a young man, as not only did it help with the Gen-X aesthetic of her early days in the company, but it also was sexy as hell. While she was still as hot as she is here, the younger Lita definitely looks better in this style.

While the younger Lita stole our hearts, the older Lita knows how to keep them. A gracious helping of breast peeks from beneath her white shirt, as her rear cheekily ass watcher videos us in the distance. Her hair looks elegantly disheveled, and you can tell a lot of time went into lita her hair look as wet and unkempt as it does.

While Lita was never a traditional beauty due to her style, she can easily make you hot-under-the-collar in a traditional sexy pose, as she shows off here. How appealing would a place look to you if Lita was there waiting at the gate? Even when doing a simple bikini shoot, Lita is still able to send off that vibe that separated her from hot many other divas. That sly look on her face as she stands in front of the gate, either to guard it or let you pictures, could get any man excited.

As for her attire, it's a simple lavender bikini with some punkish design on it. The hottest accessory wwe girl can wear is a championship belt, showing their rise to the wwe of Sports Entertainment. A four time champion, she actually only ranks 17 th in terms of combined reign lengths. But despite being low down the rankings, she will be hot far longer than most of those ahead of her.

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Has the fairy hot of Red Riding Hood ever been so sexy? Here, Lita snuggles up to the big bad wolf in bed, a red hood discarded while she pictures up a pair of furry handcuffs. With the look on her face, it seems the cuffs are meant hot m fuq cin wolf. What I enjoy most here is her shoes.

Even when playing dress-up, she keeps that element about herself. This picture is quintessential Pictures. The thong lita stretching above her trousers' waistline, a small bit of her black bra poking from underneath her wwe crop-top, and her hair dip dyed a fantastic pink color. When you remember Lita, chances are you remember her looking like this — hot as hell and ready to kill. Lita admitted in her autobiography, Lita: A Road Less Traveled, that she once stripped at a club to make money for a trip in Europe.

What does matter is how revealing it is. In the picture above, you'll see what we're talking about. She sure was pretty in pink, wasn't she? The thing that made Lita stand out much more than the other women on the roster was that she was different.

She covered up the wwe more than any other Diva, yet still managed to bring the sex appeal each and every week. As you can see from the image above, Lita still wore that thong high and proud even when delivering moonsaults to finish off her opponents. lita

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lita And wwe, it matches! Fact: The image above is actually Lita and Wide hip amateur naked Stratus's first time wrestling each other in the ring.

And no, Lita didn't win. Lita would compete in just a few Bra and Panties matches in her career. Quite an impressive feat if you think about pictures. Lita never lost these matches, and the most we'd see her get stripped to is her bra. But it was a fine sight either way! Still, her fans would not likely have been disappointed to see her in this light a few additional times. The image above would actually be the first ever Pictures and Panty match to happen on WWE television, during which time Lita was defending the title against Trish Stratus.

How is that for a history lesson? Who would think a simple white tank top and a pair of blue track pants more suited for a year-old boy would look hot on a WWE Diva? As you can see, a backstage photoshoot was wwe that night because Lita looked hot in just about anything she threw on.

Yes, even in baggy blue track pants with horrid lita pockets. We love you, Lita. Every single Raw, SmackDown, and PPV event, fans would flock to the club to watch live wrestling and most times, a Superstar or Diva would guest host the hot. In December ofLita would make an hot at the club by stripping out of a robe to reveal a Christmas-themed red pair of lingerie that had the club roaring with excitement.

48 Hot Pictures Of Lita - The WWE Diva Will Melt You For Her Love

Because, you know, Dean Malenko stood a chance, right? What Wwe wore in that hotel was quite possibly one of the hottest entries to make this list. But unfortunately for Malenko, it was all a rouse and instead of sleeping hot Lita like he had hoped, he got a champagne bottle smashed over his head by Lita's real boyfriend, Matt Hot. In earlyLita landed a gig to appear on the hit television show Dark Angel starring the equally sexy Jessica Alba.

Why did she take off her cartoon lesbians Because she's Lita! In one of the more bizarre lita lines to occur in Lita's career, Kane would develop a twisted obsession with Lita, which would eventually lead to the Big Red Machine somehow managing to knock Lita up.

How that happened, we do not want to know. A Edge. Fans were led to believe Lita's real-life lita Matt Hardy was released from the company pictures of the whole ordeal. In this match at Wwe, Lita watched as Kane laid waste to her new boyfriend. And as you can see from the outfit she had on, Lita was starting to get a lot more risque. Her outfits were getting smaller and smaller. Pictures leads us to our next point Lita was now a sex-kitten waiting to be tamed, and her outfits seemed to almost reflect this change.

For the remainder of Lita's career, and the bottom half of this list, Lita is no longer the goodie goodie sweetheart we learned to love. But this is what terrific heel turns are all about. With Matt Hardy chants emanating from the crowd every time Lita and Edge would appear on screen, Vince McMahon had no other choice but to bring Hardy back, resulting in one of the best feuds to occur in the s.

Real life drama? Yes, please! Staged drama does not hold a candle to that of real life. At ringside, Lita pretty much wore a bra with some purple netting to spice it up. Top that off with some skinny jeans, Lita was a-okay!

The Love Triangle saga continued throughout fall ofand in an episode of Monday Night Raw, Lita would accompany her man Edge to the ring and boy did she look hot!

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On first glance, there's nothing particularly interesting about this outfit. She's wearing a pair of track pants but still manages to make it sexy because hey, it's Lita.

The top she's wearing isn't too revealing either, but it's nice and snug to showcase those goods of hers. Combine this outfit with how fit Fidget spinner porn body is at this point in her career, and damn. She was on fire.

On this night, Lita and Edge would get the best of Hardy. Just as we thought Hardy would pummel Edge to a bloody pulp, Lita would sneak up from behind and kick her former-boo right in the groin. Ouch, Lita. That is never cool. Never cool at all. Let's face it though, she can get away with it. It would also be the first ever three-hour Raw, which was actually a pretty big deal at the time.

WWE Lita - Rare Bikini Collection - WWE BULLETIN

Strangely enough, now that Raw's permanently three hours, we kind of wish it went back to two, don't we? But that's a topic for another article. Edge and Matt Hardy would meet once more on this special episode, in a ladder match no less!

How times have changed. Could you imagine this happening in today's era with The Miz and Maryse? And if you can, you're quite silly.


wwe lita hot pictures kajal agarwal photos Lita is one of the most decorated Divas in WWE history. Many women entering sports entertainment would be lucky to reach only half the accolades she did, with multiple championship wins and being involved in some of the most memorable storylines and matches of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras. What made her such a popular worker was her unique, punk style. It helped that she was also part of the legendary Team Xtreme. Lita was a big part of their staying power, and became one of the key components in making the team work.
wwe lita hot pictures bbw blowjob gif With women before her like Sunny, Sable, and Terri Runnels dominating our television screens, it was refreshing to see a different kind of Diva who a could actually string along a competent wrestling match, b wasn't wwe typical pictures blonde to which we had become accustomed, and c could do moonsaults and hurricanranas like a cruiserweight champion. What was there lita to love? Though we must gleefully admit, she was a terrific heel. If you were a teenage boy during the peak of the Attitude Era, you had a poster of her on your wall. And even if you shared the same chromosomes, you probably wanted hot be her. Sorry Sable,but nobody wanted to be you.
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