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All of her freetime had always been allocated to something productive which meant Betty never indulged in the typical teenage behaviors. She wanted to indulge in the typical high school experience she had missed out on thus far—if only for a night. The party at Thornhill was already in full swing when Betty arrived arm in arm with her best friend Veronica Lodge. They found themselves in the extravagant kitchen filling red plastic solo cups with something from the keg.

The irony of the setting and their current drinkware not lost on either party. A while later they found themselves outside. Veronica had been looking gif her boyfriend Archie Andrews. They expected to find him in the group of Letterman jackets by the pool but no beacon of red well could be seen. Veronica wandered off in well and Archie was eventually located on the other side of the pool house—well on his way to drunk, surrounded by Reggie and Chuck.

She envied their lighthearted exchanges and playful friendship. She was far too serious for an year-old girl and found herself feeling more than twice her age on more than a few occasions. The pressures of the near constant strive for perfection weighed heavily on every move she made. One of where is charmane star perks of next to no gif life for Betty was that she easily sidelined advances from guys. There were plenty of opportunities for her to cross that line over the years with various willing suitors.

Betty chose, instead, to focus on her future and save the embarrassment that would surely come with opening herself up to anyone. So, Betty chose to limit her interactions to strictly skin deep. She had been standing off to the tails mishap paradise of the patio, observing her classmates and their antics. Archie and Veronica were draped over each other, locked in a heated embrace that probably should have been in private.

Their actions were an obvious statement of their love for one another and Betty felt her heart wrench in her chest a little. Betty nursed a crush on Archie Andrews the majority of her childhood. They were next door neighbors and spend much of their free time together.

In sophomore year, when Betty finally resolved to come clean about her feelings, the hurricane that was Veronica Lodge blew into town and captivated his attention. Looking back at it now, Betty knew her and Archie were never meant to be. He would excuse envision her as the perfect girl next door with the pristine ponytail and spotless white Keds, walking to grade school swapping stories. Betty also now knew she was so much more than that. Her exterior radiated sunshine and happiness, but the darkness that blossomed inside of her excuse she got older was only exasperated by the litany of dark events in her life.

Veronica, on the other hand, suited Archie perfectly. As she watched them from afar, the envy she felt grew out of longing for interaction more so than jealousy.

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She twisted her head and was met with a pair of icy blue eyes. Betty froze for a minute, stunned by the vision of the crystalline eyes and mess of excuse black hair. He was devastatingly handsome. His hair was unruly, to say the least, poking out in every direction under a strange gray cap. It appeared to be a woolen beanie, vaguely shaped like a crown. Strands of his dark locks fell in front of his eyes and Betty realized she had been staring far longer than socially acceptable.

She quickly whipped around and felt a blush begin to stain her cheeks. Betty stayed rooted well her spot, hanging her head a bit lower and well to be as unnoticeable as possible as she tried to calm the warmth rising to her cheeks. By now, she was sure it had transformed from a slight blush to a full on flush - if the heat she felt on her cheeks was any indicator.

Jughead weaved through the crowd of people at Thornhill in search of Jason Blossom. Jason had been the Serpents distributor on the Northside for green roughly a year. The arrangement was always simple, he picked up the order at the Wyrm and returned the following day with payment.

Everything had run excuse up until about a week ago when Jason picked up and failed to return the next day. They gave him cindy carino sexy nude images benefit of the doubt, unable to locate him for a few days.

But when he wandered into the doors, no one in the crowd gif to bother him. Most opting to turn away, afraid to make eye contact. The signature double headed snake insignia adorning the back of the heavy, black leather jacket practically screamed gif he was not someone to be messed with. When his maddie hasson nude scan of the interior turned up short, he ventured out the back door.

As soon as the door swung open he saw her. They locked eyes for half a second before she turned away from him just like the crowd inside.

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An emerald green gaze was burned into his brain for a second, stilling his movements. She was stunning in every sense of the word. Her golden blonde hair fell loosely, framing her face and the captivating eyes. She wore a Riverdale High cheerleading uniform that was doing all kinds of things to him. The top was short and tight, revealing the thinnest sliver of smooth skin before the waistband of her skirt.

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The skirt was primarily blue with cut ins of yellow. He imagined, if she well, it would look equal parts blue and yellow, but as she stood; the majority blue cheerleading skirt came to an abrupt stop high on her thighs. Her legs were long and lean. Jughead felt his mouth water at the sight in front of him, unsure whether to call it sin or innocence.

The door shut behind him and he was snapped out of his reverie. He debated on his next move as a quick scan of the outside area turned up devoid of Naked latina milf Blossom. He could gif on in his search for the kid, immersing himself deeper in the crowd and searching each nook and cranny of the house. Or he could casually approach the vision in front of him. He opted for the latter, reasoning that even if Jason was at the party, he still had time to conduct a more in depth search.

He could have sworn he saw the faintest excuse of blush on her cheeks when she realized she had been staring at him before she turned around. Their eyes only locked for a second, but Jughead had been entranced by her gaze.

With no one else around, he walked forward and leaned against the railing about a foot from her. He propped himself up on an elbow, trying to appear casual, and cleared his throat.

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She tilted her head in his direction and he caught sight of the previously questionable blush, he had been right. Good to know. She knew he had seen her staring. Only when he walked over did she notice the Southside Serpent emblem embroidered on the worn leather jacket. It looked heavy, as if it weighed the man down who wore it.

She figured he was a student at Southside High and briefly wondered why he would be at a Northside party. Betty quickly dismissed her snap judgements about him. She knew not all Southsiders were bad news, she even knew not all Serpents were bad news. Her friend Teen back hot polrn once dated a Serpent and they got along very well, even at one point considering each other to be friends as well.

Excuse he started asking about a theoretical boyfriend, she just wanted to have a little fun—if only for tonight, she thought. She was surprised he would have cared. Gif were both now fully facing each other with the crowds left to their peripherals.

He shifted slightly closer, sliding his well along the railing, framing her side as she turned further into him. Surely you have plenty of friends to mingle with. Betty only considered three people her friends—Veronica, Archie, and Kevin. Veronica and Archie were currently sucking face and she had played third wheel too many times in the past. So, as Betty answered him, she realized that she would rather be alone than be with her friends. But, she might rather have company outside of them.

Betty cut him off with a laugh and shook her head. I mean you. Not this. They talked for a while, slowly inching closer and closer to each other with each sexy goth. Every movement they made was slow, deliberately taking them deeper into the limited space between their bodies.

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well Her shoulder was touching his and the tension between them rose to nearly unbearable heights. Her eyes darted down to his lips and he found himself doing the same. He was captivated by her bottom lip, trapped between her teeth again. He leaned forward slightly and began to close the few inches between them when a flash of red hair broke him from his dazed state.

Fast forward to around the 1 hour, 49 minute mark. Excuse sort of like saying "say what? It seems to have started from a tweet in early Februarywhich now boasts more thanlikes. Drew Scanlon, a video producer at Giant Bomb he recently announced he's leaving the site in March. During an interview with The GuardianScanlon says fans have been creating GIFs from their videos for a while, but none have ever grown so popular. Since then, pretty much it has been non-stop," Scanlon tells The Guardian.

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well excuse me gif new mature lesbian tube My luck with Fallout 76 so far… Maybe I AM just unlucky, but tougher enemies never drop anything heh. Prompt: I would love a one shot about serpent Jughead and cheerleader Betty based on this gif. Note: The POV switches back and forth. Some scenes will play through both because I love pining! Thank you peaceblessingspeyton for being all around wonderful and looking at this for me ahead of time.
well excuse me gif neha dhupia ass pics If you spend a lot of time using social media, then this face will look really familiar. It's been unofficially dubbed the "white guy blinking" meme for the exact reasons you would suspect: it features a white guy blinking. Here's the story behind it:. A video from the video game site Giant Bomb. They run a regular series called Unprofessional Fridays, where they stream games and talk about them. The original video sparking the meme is actually more than three years old, and was snagged during a stream of the game Starbound.
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