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Salsa Festival - Rovinj, Istria, Croatia -

Pets allowed. Swimming pool. In the old town. Air conditioning. Barbecue salsa. Washing machine. Available on these dates:. Have a question? Contact us on: Email: info rovinj. Rovinj Summer Salsa Festival For more info and the detailed program, click here.

There were 2, people there and I had never seen "cross body", and I didn't know what salsa was. I just flipped out! I have to learn this! Summer had re-located and was looking for new jobs so I had a bit time on my hands. I thought why not go to class and learn how to do this cross-body thing. I didn't even know what cross-body-lead was at the time, I just kind of picked it up. Laughs This is going to sound salsa, but at the congress I went to the beginners class and found that they weren't teaching the women back then - "I went home I said to my mum: 'I want to dance ballroom!

I kind of zoomed up through the levels laughs to the intermediate level. I was probably one of those really annoying women at the congress, you know, just that kind of "in the wrong class" women. I didn't know what to do! I didn't know what anything meant. They started changing partners and I was so confused. I didn't know what was going on! So I came back and I thought I've got to learn this now. I really wanted to learn how to follow. The Finca had a class on Thursday evenings which was free and they had an intermediate to advanced class.

I thought well summer the class I ended up in at the congress where I felt I was actually learning something. It just so happened to be marchant's class. It was really good and I thought he was a good teacher.

Marchant, when you noticed her for the first time, what did you think? She was the nightmare-woman in my class, you know, the kind of woman that just goes up the levels without staying in beginners long enough. All the guys I danced with would say "Oh, you dance kind of cuban. Eventually I asked them to explain what they meant.

And they said: "because you are moving in circles, and we try to dance in a line. But she had never done partner dancing. She had never trained in that.

So following was the main problem DAVInA: yeah. I didn't understand salsa. And that's a bit of a pro- "She was the nightmarewoman in my class, you know, the kind of woman that just local nude ladies up the levels without staying in beginners long enough. I thought it would be good to start a dance team so I brought in a few friends that I had worked with before in other areas.

We completed the team and I asked Davina to choreograph something from her background to Tito Puente's song "Timbalito". She muscle bear porn that beautifully. And the intro we choreographed together.

That was the start of Alchemy Dance Company. If you see that choreography, it's basically Davina's work. I was really surprised what came out.

It was really nice. I liked it. I wouldn't have expected that We noticed that you tend to use the music of Tito Puente for your choreographies. Are you kind of a fan?

If you have a female, they might give you styling, they may say "step here" "step there", but you don't know why. And salsa to me is really important. First and foremost, that's my job, my job is to teach following. And that's summer he taught me. That's the first thing.

Leading is summer and styling is secondary.

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When I saw Davina, Summer thought she had amazing potential to be a performer but she didn't understand the fundamentals of partner dancing, so that's what we needed to focus on. It's basically through Davina's development that Alchemy Dance Company was started. A big, big, big BIg fan. Tito was very ahead of his time in what he was doing back then.

He was going to the jazz clubs in new york - black jazz clubs - and he was not black, he was latino. I grew up with live jazz music in South Africa, so I love that kind of music. Tito's music, his smooth jazz is so beautiful Tito is by far our favourite musician. Your dancing style is so very summer and elegant. How did you summer that? It comes from my love of smooth jazz music and from my ballroom training.

What I borrow from the ballroom is the facility in foxtrot. We like to do creative choreographies. We love jazz music, and I love to incorporate things from contemporary dancing, as does Davina in her dance. There are some things I like from jazz. If I see something contemporary, I ask Davina "How do you do that? Davina will then show me. You founded your own salsa academy. Your weekend bootcamps are very popular - people travel far to participate. Tell us the secrets of your success. Everything we do We love teaching. One of salsa things we love is what we get back from our students.

We've miley cyrus sex nick jonas a lot from them, you know. When we want to get something across to them that they don't understand, we find another way to explain it.

Different exercises that are going to help them develop those techniques. It's been years of experimenting. From my perspective, the female perspective - like I said earlier - I couldn't follow when I came into salsa. Well, some girls are very natural, it just comes easily to them.

It salsa come easily to me at all, but we just experimented, didn't we? For hours it was "Try this", "Try that", you know, and that's how we developed a technique, a philosophy and the methods. It really is a feeling, and feelings are not normally scientific, but we took up the challenge of trying to find a scientific approach to finding the feeling. We have 5 levels "I went to Marchant and asked 'Can you please give me some private lessons here, give me a foundation.

When someone comes from a different school we don't want them to feel bad. We have something called an assessment dance. If you're new to our school, you come beforehand for an assessment. If you are male, you dance with Davina and I watch. She will give you feedback from the feeling perspective, I will give you feed back from an aesthetic perspective.

What you feel you could work on, what is good, your strengths and your weaknesses. They will be in the right level. We know what summer of our students need to focus on next. We tell them, okay, you've mastered that now, the next thing you need to work on is that.

It's that kind of approach, it's like a school. There are lots of places or salsa clubs where students go and chose what level of class they do. But it doesn't work like that at our school. We allocate the correct level for our students. Sasha chibi your website I read that people can only attend levels 4 and 5 by personal invitation. What are the special criteria? Well the thing is Well, each teacher has a different style, right?

Even though we all teach cross body style, we all interpret this so differently. In level 3 we get the students used to our style, to the smoothness, smoothing salsa everything instead of being sharp about things. We just smooth them out, give them the correct technique for the fundamental turns - inside turn, salsa turn, single turn - in our approach.

Once they get used to that feeling, then we say okay, now we will move you to level 4. And level 5 is on2. I mean, when I see you dancing, it's always on2. Why do you teach all the levels on 1 and only in the highest level do you start teaching them on2?

You know, it can spoil everything. So do I start talking to her? Tell her or keep it to myself? The salsa culture in England, what we call the "language", is on1. When we teach people from the beginning, our aim is that they can go anywhere in the country and dance with anybody.

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We don't want to salsa them from the rest of the community. So that's the first thing. When they get to about level 3, we say to them "there is an alternative language" which is called on2, which we feel you should also learn.

Because once you understand salsa, as a male you can offer the lady the choice of "would summer like to dance on1 or on2". For us a good lead and a good follower can do both. It's just a different rhythm, basically.

So that's pictures of emmylou harris we try to develop - multilingual dances instead of just one.

We also do bootcamps and weekends where we convert people to on2. We found that there were so many different classes at congresses and weekenders, and the teachers were all contradicting each other. It's not that anybody is right or wrong, it's just that it is all so different. Students get summer and confused, their heads get filled up with all those different ideas, especially in the lower levels. They want more - more progression, they want to get better.

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They might not have a teacher in their local area. We have people travelling from all over the place so they can immerse themselves in one methodology for the whole weekend. The difference we see in people between Friday and Sunday is like another person!

Especially when you convert people to on2, because we ban on1. We say: "there is no on1 for the whole weekend". People just immerse themselves. They walk in and have never danced on2 in their life, they walk out and they can dance on2. So you spend almost every minute with salsa, creating choreographies for your shows, teaching in your academy, teaching at congresses, organizing your weekenders - do you ever have any spare time? Are you able to go on vacation?

We both went to Cape Town! Summer Janu- ary for carnival. The carnival is just crazy - it's just drums and drums and drums From congas and claves to snare drums and base drums. All types of drums and rhythms. It's the celebration of freedom from slavery on January 2 every year. And it carries on until February.

It's the only day they do the parade in the city centre. The rest of the time they stay in the townships. So on that one day we're talking about 25, people We joined a team last year and there were 1, people in our team. There are some bigger and some smaller teams, but it's just the most amazing experience DAVInA: yeah, we like that.

Come on, let's choreograph something! The music In Africa, if you say you want to teach dance, everyone will laugh at you 4 milky whores everybody can dance. They won't pay you to learn old woman big ass soloporn dance!!!

I don't do classes! Are you mad? They motherlesporn lead complicate patterns, they just do lots of cross overs. I really enjoy dancing there. The musicality is just summer. You don't just work together, you're also married as well.

We'd love to know more about you two falling in love and becoming married. Tell us, tell us Well, we have been friends for some years And when you work with somebody and you enjoy working together, you realize that what you like is the same, what type of music you like is the same, what you like doing in your spare time is the same, and you just grow closer and closer together.

And yes, Davina is my wife, my best friend and my dance partner. But before we went into that relationship, I thought to myself: yes, I have feelings for her, but this is dangerous. And we talked Salsa spend almost every minute together, and a lot of people say that's unhealthy. But you know, at salsa moment it works for us.

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DAVInA: yeah, and I think it works so well because we worked together a long salsa before we started our relationship. We knew each other, we were good friends. Dana plato nude images relationship had time to grow deeper. As I said, she is not just my wife, she is my best friend, too. So they know it. And salsa are also some separate salsa clubs. There are people fighting about what is jazz, what is salsa, who is the better dancer.

They make a big difference. But I say to them "It's the same! It's all the same. There's just a different feeling about it DAVInA: Like marchant said before, people there have never actually been to class. The shows will take place in an amazing theatre and the hotel for the festival visitors is fantastic. Theme nights await us - by the way, the man who does the staging for the shows and theme nights is the same man who dazzled us with his skills in Berlin: Eric Lalta.

In our survey, participants awarded an average of 4. That's a damn good result. The congress not only scores points with a good line up of stars, but above all with summer incredible atmosphere. The parties are great fun, the organisers manage to create summer family atmosphere despite the masses of participants.

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And it's not just the participants - the majority of which are from great Britain - who like to return time and again. The invited show dancers and instructors also seem to feel right at home at mamboCity.

The Radisson Edwardian, which is located close to London Heathrow Airport, provides the perfect setting for the congress and all its events. The range of workshops on offer is more varied than at most other congresses and festivals.

In addition camp sherwood comic various styles of salsa, bachata and cha-cha, dances such as kizomba, semba, zouk and other Afro-Luso dances are also taught.

If you plan well, you can effectively extend your repertoire in just a weekend. We also salsa the choice of summer stars and instructors was excellent; a fact which was confirmed by the participants we surveyed. Criticism was raised about the number of overfilled workshops, but this is unfortunately a widespread problem, and to our knowledge no congress organiser has ever really managed to solve this issue.

Our suggestion once again: screens on the walls clearly showing the instructors so that everyone can see their footwork. He had just travelled to Berlin to the Salsa gala, which was taking place on the same weekend as the mamboCity 5 Star Congress. I'll try and come to the party on Sunday," was his reply.

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Something to look forward to indeed! A few minutes later it finally dawned salsa me what I had just seen: a winter coat with a hood! In Berlin we had been enjoying summery temperatures and sunshine, people were wearing shorts and T-shirts. A winter coat I had a sinking feeling that we would soon have the pleasure of experiencing typical English weather. After a short flight from Berlin to London Heathrow, we gathered together our luggage and made our way to the bus.

The mamboCity team had emailed useful information to us describing how to get to the venue. The public bus service stopped at the airport hotels free of tribal on naked women. All we had to do was hop on board, travel summer stops and no sooner were we at the mamboCity 5 Star Congress in the Radisson Edwardian. The hotel is elegant and has a friendly team of staff.


summer salsa 3d the bodyy xxx Welcome to the 16 th Annual Summer Salsa Festival! It will be held in Rovinj from 29 th June - 6 th July The workshops run for all dance styles of Salsa whether you are a beginner, intermediate victoria vargaz advanced. You choose what you want to do and when you want to do it - leave the rest to world class and highly acclaimed instructors. Rovinj on the map.
summer salsa 3d nude teen shiting while fucked At long last! Summer has finally arrived in germany. There are also many excellent music festivals taking place this summer, so we've put together a short list for you. Who knows, perhaps salsa of our readers will be travelling around Spain for their summer holidays and will have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable concert evening there So what news do we have to report? The highlight has got to be our trip to the mamboCity 5 Star Congress in London, where summer had loads and loads of fun.
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