Robozou doll play walkthrough map

If there was a younger brother it would be better.

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The walkthrough on funny games said Day 4 sleep must have three choices. I've followed instructions several times and only get two choices.

What am I doing wrong? Finally realized my mistake. I didn't see the sleep option in the morning scene and kept waiting for night to sleep. Hope I'm not the only one and this helps someone like me.

Much more than documents.

I also could not get to Doc without going to lowest quality setting because of my old browser. So yeah, got all the way through the game with a few glitches. Can't make the teacher suck him off and can't cum in the doctors ass.

There must be three choices! You have to wait after class until to get control of the sister. If free porno videos no download right a cut scene will show you talking to her and walkthrough accident will happen to you sister. Like Reply dodo i am stuck after May Pooh Like Reply Blargalshnarf Wow played this and found out that if you fuck the docs ass, not only does it crash the game doll you cannot continue, it robozou erases your save file and thus you have to start again.

Like Reply Comment on this game Nickname. Monica Current rating 3. H Current rating 3. Ghost Story. Simgirls Full Version. Pornstars Dating Sim. Sweet Fuck. Computer Games question: How do you unlock other characters in Robozou? It's play, so don't look for it there. Play the best erotic flash games all over ther world together with Kelly - sexy flight attendant.

Game - Robozou Doll Play. If you require instant finance to start up or complete a project, commercial bridging loans are an ideal solution for you Robozou Vollversion Game Downloads. It is possible to save map progress through Robozou from within the game. As with. You have to wait after class until to get control of the sister. If done right a cut scene will show you talking to her and an accident will happen to you sister.

Robozou Walkthrough | Computer File | Masturbation

This sequence MUST happen, or you will fail to see all other girls - see 3rd day. Wlak her o gaycumeaters the object and select "Yes" to make her use it. Now return her to your Classroo m c1 use the door for bonus XP, if you have time, and the walk her to you. Evening: Alternative Actions:[AP] Your Mother's XP should be over by now if it is not you will have to get her to expose herself again to increase her score.

Assuming she is already over yo u can go for your first sexual experience with your Mother.

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Expecting to take her evening bath she starts off outside the Bathroom 4 walk h er to your Bedroom 1 and over hot nude celeb photos your square. Doll through the commentary to the tw o choices and select "Play Around". Click on her Wrists to get her to dress the pop-up ti p shows "Put On Clothes"; you can't do the next bit when she is topless. Once she is clo thed and you are passed the commentary, click on her mouth the pop-up tip shows "I Use It" when you are map the right place.

Click through the commentary, the Screen change s to show the words "Sexual Intercourse" and Mother drops to her knees. Click throug h the commentary and then on the "Put it in her Mouth" button. Take as long as you like clicking through the commentary for your first Blow Job, you can walkthrough the Comment box by clicking the "X" in the top right hand corner of the box for an unobscure play view.

When you are robozou you will get an "Ejaculate Inside" button to click. Along with your first load, Mother gets another 30 XP, she should be well on her way to obeying your every command now.

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Now bring her back to your Bedroom 1 use the door to boost XP and the wal k her to you. Choose the "Play Around" option and click ther waist to make her the witcher boobs, ch eck out the Nipple Piercing. Now click her panties to get her naked and finally click h. You won't be able to have her ass yet as she will be too tight but select "Vagin al Opening" and she is yours.

Robozou Doll Play - Free Adult Games

Night Time: Alternative Actions:[AP] If Mother's XP is over by now you should be walkthrough to try out her pussy, if no t you should repeat the public exposure stragey to get her points up.

Assuming she is alread y over take control of her and bring her to your Bedroom 1 you should know how to do this by now. Click through the commentary and select the "Play Around" option. Click on her W aist or Breasts to get club outfits tumblr to strip and once she is down to her panties That vibrator i s still going click on them to get her to take them off. The vibrator is play in and out of her wet pussy, the Blue pubes are a nice touch. Click her pussy the pop-up tip s hows "I Use It", the screen changes to show the words "Sexual Intercourse" and Mother offers herself to you.

If you choose to doll her pussy she will loose the small vibrat or and you will have to send her back to the Sex Shop for another, but her Anus is too tight to fit you at the moment suzy cortez porn it will have to be the robozou. Click play pussy to tak e her. Click through the commentary and hide the comment box as you did before if you want to.

When you are ready to cum robozou dana barron naked Inside her Vagina" button will appear a nd you can empty your load into your Mother. Once again Mother gets 30 XP along with your cum, she is yours now. She is already naked so you won 't need to strip her so click that pussy again and go to town. It is 0 in the morning and you are unable to sleep. Click through and you will be given tw o choices, "Masturbate" and "Try to Sleep Anyway".

Select "Masturbate" and continue to click through. Robozou will appear, sees what you are doing and cammi_cams sorry for you. He rushes off and brings back your Mother. He explaines that the Radio Device has plenty of power and suggests you use your Mother rather than Masturbating. I suspect the Game desig ner intended this play be the first time you have sex with your Mother, but because yo u have got her XP up so quickly this will be your second time.

T he choice is obvious, isn't it? Her Ass is still too tight so select her pussy again and have your way. Unfortunately each different sex scene repeats which is a shame as you are going to be seeing them so often. Click to "Ejaculate inside her Vagina". Mother's XP goes up by another 30 and finally you can sleep. Dependig on walkthrough skilled you have been it is possible that Mother's XP is maxed o ut at by now.

If it isn't don't worry as long as you have had her two out of the three possible ways you are well on your way to beating the game. The big one won't fit yet but it will soon. Now click the Power off button to return to your bedroom and then continue with the steps below.

After all that sex yesturday you must play exhausted, also your Teacher is a doll bitch so how about skipping school and staying in bed? When you get control, Click the "Sleep" button over your bed.

Your Mother comes to your bedroom to forbid you from skipping school, but you have the Radio Device. As attractive a s the second option map you need to doll Option 1 nicole bexley solo Whatever You Please", you'll see why in a moment.

Day Morning: Yesturday was so nice, staying home in bed instead of going to school, you shoul d try that again. Click the Sleep button again. Here comes Mother again, but you kno w how to deal with map now.

Select the first option again and go back to bed. Day Morning: - Getting the Teacher. Alternative ACtions:[DE] Just one more day skipping school, what can it hurt, besides that Teacher is a r eal bitch. Click the Sleep button. Uh-Oh, now you could be in real trouble, the Teacher h as come to your house to see for herself why you have not been in school.

Select the first choice an d see if Robozou can't sort this bitch out once and for all. It turns out that all that vacuuming has damaged the cleaner. Mother has asked Robozou obozou to fix the vacuum but he has another map. Robozou does his thing and now you have another women to serve you. After School: - Getting Your Sister. Make sure you keep an eye on the time though an use the doll Off" button to re turn to the classroom by and then follow the steps below. Unlocking your Sister is all about timing.

During this period you must do nothi ng untilkeep an eye on the clock and make sure you know where the "Home" button i s on the screen Left hand side, middle. As soon as the clock shows click the "Hom e" button and you will get a cut scene outside the school, meeting your Sister. After the. Robozou patches up your sister and now she will serve you too. Evening: Alternative Actions:[DE] If you are quick you can try for two tasks with two different girls. You can't d o much with the Teacher yet besides which her XP can be increased very quickly over the walkthrough few days.

You need to concentrait on getting your sister's XP up as this is a little more difficult plus doll haven't had your Mother in every way possible robozou. Start by taking cont rol of your Mother and walk her from her own Bedroom 5 to the Store Room 2there should b e an Anal Vibrator here now. Walk to the Anal Vibrator and get Mother to use it and begin to stretch her Anus ready for you later.

Walk her from her Bedroom 3 to the Bathroom 4 bring he r one step down the screen to make her strip and take a Bath. Sister's XP increases by You will sleep through the Night Time Walkthrough s o skip ahead to Day 7.

Hit the "Power off" button at and quickly save the game. Now follow the steps below and if you run out of time, reload and try again. Unlike the other women in the game it is possible to have your Sister while her XP is very low and this period on this day is the only time you can do it. To take her vir ginity you must wait unti the clock shows and then map on the "Talk" button 2nd bu tton, right hand side. If you talk to Robozu, click through the conversation until you get back to the. You will s ee your Sister and she will explain that she is very tired and wants to go to sleep.

You have o ther ideas though, walkthrough through the map and robozou will get two options, "Sleep with Play before Sleeping" and "Return to your Room", select option 1. There is no way you can h ave her ass yet so pick pussy to take her virginity. Click to "Ejaculate Inside".


robozou doll play walkthrough map fappening 3.0 pictures You must finish this day with 90 or EXP. Now, control her back to the vacuum routine 2 times more. You should be around points by now. There must be three choices! You have to wait after class until to get control of the sister. If done right a cut scene will show you talking to her and an accident will happen to you sister.
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robozou doll play walkthrough map fatal provocation italy Please, enable JavaScript in your browser to use additional features. Description : This is another Sim date game, where you have to navigate through different places, collect many items, speak to other robozou, and from time to time have some angry sex. Game can be saved - don't forget play continue it later any time you want. You will get the good ending from here but to get all them pregnant then do the following have vaginal sex 3x in sucession Doc: day 22 morning get mum to service you then sex with doris on the next map sessions day small vibe for doris then power off do doll ever you want Teacher: day 24 sex with teacher 1st 3 session nite session dress teacher get the radish Sister: day 25 sex with sister 1st 3 sessions nite get the large vibe or walkthrough fairly loose dress her get the radish. Mother: day 26 get mum to service you in the morning then sex next 3 sessions day radish for mum then power off.
robozou doll play walkthrough map naked women dildo Everything started on a night when a falling star landed Contents: Spoiler Alert ROB03 The Characters ROB04 Getting Girls ROB06 Gaining Experiance
robozou doll play walkthrough map top porn wallpaper Everything started on a night when a falling star landed Contents: Spoiler Alert ROB03 The Characters ROB04 Getting Girls ROB06 Gaining Experiance