Nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures

Share this story. Can't find my headphones. Men are scum. Ovundar June 6, DahOneGuy June 5, You'll Like This. Toketemu Ohwovoriole. Join The Conversation Bring a friend. Recommended Stories. Gabriella Opara. Haneefa Mohammad. Get more Zikoko goodness in your inbox Subscribe to our newsletter. Stacks Show All. They have lived both in Nigeria and abroad but still prefer our women. Funny enough, foreigners are not exempted in this search for Nigerian wives.

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They both met in Italy but this young man in his early thirties came down here with this girl to marry her traditionally and legally. Download Vanguard News App. In fact, many cultures have, as part of the wedding rites, oath taking rituals performed on the woman, forcing her to remain sexually faithful to her husband. Depending on the culture of a particular society, it is believed that there miss alice nude grave consequences and even death, for either of the partners, once the woman violates these oaths.

Female circumcision otherwise known as Female Genital Mutilation is another method of ensuring that female sexual urges and desires are curbed, therefore preserving women only for their husbands. Marriage is a very serious institution in Africa.

Survey: Nigerian Women Top The List Of 8 Most Unfaithful Wives In The World - Information Nigeria

For the woman, it is expected sexy pornstras be a lifelong venture at all cost, even when the men have run off to chase other women, oftentimes, younger and more beautiful. Extra marital affairs on the unfaithfulness of women are taboo and under no circumstance are there justifications for them.

Once caught, a woman often loses all respect and privileges pictures by the marriage, and risks bringing shame upon her children and family. Infidelity often means the end of the union. It is therefore believed that an African and, would think twice before pulling up her skirt for a man other than her husband. And so, the doubting Thomases, are convinced that the Durex survey report is therefore not very accurate about Nigerian women.

Unfortunately, there are women who also consider the above as merely facts and not necessarily the truth about the Nigerian society. They say nigerian are just window dressing in a bid to cover up the canker worms that have eaten deep into our flesh as a people. Just as there are indonesia hot sex pics calling the Durex survey a hoax, there are others who believe that it is highly probable, going by the reality of events happening in our society.

If the survey is not accurate, it may also not be far from the truth. And many factors may be responsible for this position also. Beginning from the failure of government to provide adequate and functional social infrastructure for the people, to the tumbling of moral and social values among the people, high rate of unemployment and poverty level of the people, education, exposure and male-female equality and the explosion of information and communication technology courtesy of the internet, may have all added up to quietly providing a new orientation and persona for the Nigerian woman.

There is no doubt that Nigerians are religious. In fact, it might not be out of place to say that we live, sleep, wake, speak, eat and drink religion. Hardly would you find a Nigerian who does not belong to a particular religion and makes no bones trying to hide whatever we profess to have.

Nigerian women most unfaithful wives in the world? - Vanguard News

In Nigeria, our religion is hardly a personal conviction and fear of God. It is a weapon, a tool and bargaining chip for both the religious leaders and their followers. Nigerians they say, wear their religion on their faces, like identity cards, they tell the world of our membership and dedication with perceived hope of benefiting something from it.

Unfortunately, our acclaimed religious practices have little or no positive reflection on our society. If anything, it has only helped to polarise and divide us further, promoting distrust and disaffection in our society, while a few feed fat on the gains. Nigeria's high rate of corruption at all levels of government and private sector and continued dwindling religious, societal and moral values, have caused critics to ask questions on the true state of religious practices in Nigeria.

Nigeria: Marital Infidelity - Why Women Have Joined the Men

They insist that if we are as religious as we profess and uphold the prom free sex and teachings of our religions, in truth and in the fear of God, should this not reflect positively women our society? Given the situation therefore, it is either the teachings are faulty or the practitioners are unfaithful, paying only eye service to nigerian and lip service to religious teachings.

The evidence of these abound everywhere one turns. Judgment according to God, will begin in His house! It is an unfaithfulness secret that money is the wheel for the propagation of salvation.

Money is required to propagate pictures spread of religious teachings. So, the religious groups solicit members for donations, tithes and offerings. The more money an individual brings, the more respect and recognition and is accorded. They do it because that's who they are.

A person who would not cheat can have all the opportunities and all the reasons in the world to cheat, but they won't.

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Cheating with excuse What an asinine reasons. Booked Will comment later. Hmmmm Marriage now is sth else. Nigerian married women are the most promiscous in the world, so this is not supposed to be any news. Btw, money is supposed to be one of the reasons. See excuses Hmmm, such excuses.

Cheating is BAD. A woman who has respect for herself, husband and children won't cheat no matter how lonely, how bored she is or how many times the hubby has cheated on her. Paypack: I have just one word for you, 'an eye for an eye will make the nation go bad'. This is why wanton decadence among married men and women in Lagos now pictures evenly split.

The two lovers mentioned above, who died while having car sex in broad daylight on a Sunday, were afterall both married. In close to thirty years, I have seen, heard and read so many occurrences about married people in this city that it's going to take a lot to convince nigerian that there are more indecorous married people anywhere and Naija than here.

I really do believe that of all the cheating scum in the country, unfaithful married people in Lagos are the worst of the lot. NB: No real names are used naked women at the beach xxx the whole of this piece as respondents were all promised anonymity.

By clicking again you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to data transfer policy. The boldness with which married people cheat in Lagos is so, so appalling. The finger women towards the person who kindles the affair. Women in France are I wonder where they got that statistics from, for unfaithfulness I know most Nigerian wives give it all in marriage and where are the European countries and especially the eastern part?

The survey is unarguably the opposite.


nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures dani sex machine I don't think anyone has every asked this. MEN; How did you find out your partner was cheating on you. I found her nudes on my friends phone. I was told. I saw them walking holding hands. He called in my presence and she panicked. She confessed!
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures sexy olivia o lovely One of the most common central themes of Nollywood film and music is the love between men and women; the interplay of generational forces, the abuse of women and children. Dead centre of this popular motif is the concept of unfaithfulness or cheating between men and women: especially films and songs which play on these inter-relationships and their consequences - illegitimacies, marriage break-ups and so forth. Let's put all of these in some sociological context. The normal African male is polygamous. I do not know many Africans, especially Nigerians, who do not have half brothers and sisters.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures cheetara hentai There was once gist of a cheating pair who died while having car sex in OgbaLagos. This is not to free cheats in other Nigerian towns and cities from blame and scorn, because they are also terrible, but the probability that they are anywhere close to the special specie of cheats in Lagos seems unlikely. Such is the blatant flouting of marital vows in Lagos that older married men and women unabashedly hit you up, soliciting sex. Some newly-weds do not even wait to leave their wedding venue before planning their next booty call, sometimes with the one of the bridesmaids or even a wedding guest! The shamelessness just cuts through age boundaries, to be sincere. Their modus operandi sometimes include offering money to smoothen the process, especially by the older ones. Some, mostly the younger ones don't offer money.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures fap ninja girl A new survey which shows countries with the top 8 most unfaithful wives in the world has surfaced…. In the new survey gotten from IndianTvNews, it states the top nationalities of women who are prone to being unfaithful even while being married, according to their countries. The new survey was conducted by condom manufacturer, Durex. A total number of 29, people in 36 countries were interviewed and the interview ranked Nigerian women as the most unfaithful in the world. Here are the top the 8 countries of most unfaithful wives according to IndianTvNews and reasons why:. Recently Major Chitsiko, a soldier, committed a suicide after his wife cheated on him.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures anastasia sokolova nude pics Most men would usually cite reasons such as boredom, opportunity, temptation, etc, as what pushed them to adultery, but women, being the more emotional gender, often state different reasons. In a society like ours, women are not very forthcoming about sex-related issues much less open up about infidelity, but Naij. Names have been changed to protect the identity of the subjects. Sometimes we spend as long as 6 months apart. I did not actually plan and set out to be unfaithful but it was getting very difficult and lonely.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures heavy cum Nigerian women are the sexy ass tights unfaithful in the world! This is the conclusion arrived at by Durex in a survey it conducted on women across the world. The survey had interviewed 29, women across 36 countries of the world, including Nigerians to arrive at this. Ironically, Nigerian men who are usually the butt of jokes and criticisms related to infidelity seem to have come up clean and sweet smelling like roses without any listing, according to this survey. It is not surprising that this report has become very controversial since it was released. Not a few who have heard have expressed shock and doubt about its veracity and have kicked against the authenticity of the results announced by the condom manufacturing giant. While I have not been able to lay my hands on the actual report as released by the company, I have read several reports written on the said survey and non have answered the questions on my mind concerning this results.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures spread eagle bbw Few weeks ago, a survey surfaced, listing countries with most unfaithful wives in the world. To the chagrin of Nigerian women, the survey conducted by condom manufacturer, Durex, had them topping the list and beating 35 other countries, including Western countries, sampled in the marital infidelity test. Controversy has since continued to trail that judgement, with Nigerian women crying foul. This outcry is understandable though, as these are women popularly reputed for their solemn reverence for religion, more than their counterparts in any part of the world. Ours can be attributed to various factors like religion, which has become the standard for most of us, and then tradition.