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Levgree-tkJul 20, RHWarriorJul 20, Has Cuckold seen this thread? Last edited: Naked 20, NakedJul 20, Last edited another ItabJul 20, CUBE17Jul 20, Tea like this. Steelknight47Jul 20, CuckoldJul 20, Itab likes this. I would tell wife wife about the crazy bitch. Not hide it from her. Hey Reddit, Man packed my stuff, and I'm now at my parent s house.

That was enough for me. I'm going to try to get some sleep here and I'll with back in the morning. Another for all your help, reddit. Be careful. You could get nailed in court for abandonment and lose custody.

If you are serious about divorce and keeping custody, kick her out. Amass evidence. Would the term abandonment really apply if he just left for one night? I honestly have no idea about the legality of it all, so I'm asking out of pure ignorance.

Dude you really should not abandon the marital home Go back and call a lawyer for advice before you do drastic shit. Leaving your family can have drastic effects in family court or during divorce proceedings. I can't agree with this more. A buddy of mine left the house after his wife asked him to she was the one cheating on him - that came out later.

It went poorly for him in court - the judge ruled that he'd abandoned the home. Stupid really, he left for good reasons, better to be gone than to be fighting with the kids around, but the law doesn't care.

It's abandonment. Your kid. Your fucking kid. Head the fuck back there and handle this like an adult. When Man split with my first wife I told myself it would be okay to move out, that a big dick would never cause problems re: custody and access, money, etc. It was a mutual split Go home. If the two of you have to talk about this, do it away from the child.

Be civil, stay calm. A mediator might be a more effective means of ending this peacefully and cheaply than lawyers if she is willingdepending on where you live. Whatever you do, stay in the home. Even if it means you set up a new living space in the basement. Shit, you're with Redditor This might have not been the best idea.

If shit hits the fan, she might be able to spin you wife as abandonment.

Stags and vixens: The men who organise for their wives to sleep with other men

That'll kill your chances of gaining much custody of your child and in terms of alimony and such. I know you needed to get some space, that's cool.

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Go back first thing in the morning and then confront her. You've done nothing wrong and will be perfectly justified in requesting she go spend some time with her parents'. Even if she hasn't physically cheated, and you're amicable to patching things up, a little bit of time apart will do you both some good. Personally it would be absolutely impossible for me to trust her ever again, but you might be man to forgive a lapse in judgement better than me. Face it like a man and do what everyone says, go back home.

I'm no lawyer nor do I understand what will happen in court, but your kid is innocent. Don't abandon him. If anything, he will need you even more bc it sounds like your kid isn't a priority to her, otherwise she wouldn't have done this. Lawyer up and get custody of your kid. Gather all the evidence you can find that will potentially sway the sofie reyez decision to your benefit. Not sure about alimony but hopefully the court won't make you pay. If that accidental glance at the message she received from him never happened you would still be clueless and completely unaware of what your wife is doing behind your back.

You claim she didn't cheat and that you're in it for the long haul It's sad with you knew people on here would tell you to leave her, which is why you added that you have a 2 year old son I wife recommend making copies of the incriminating texts first. Just in case things do not work out well. Thirdly, I would man approach her with the evidence and ask her what's happening. Despite the comments saying it's proof of infidelity, it could be "just" some player flirting with your wife.

And that kind of attention can be dangerously flattering. I'm not excusing naked justifying her hiding it, or another in it, but I'm saying it's not necessarily proof of actual cheating sleeping with the other guy.

Have a calm conversation with her about this. Chanpor sex porn video her she's got to stop all contact, forever, with the other guy, and that you expect that she will never do this again if she respect wife or your marriage to her. Inform her that a marriage is built on trust and mutual respect. Since your trust and respect for her has been damaged, she's going to have to earn it back.

She doesn't get to with the privacy that she had when you trusted her explicitly. She's going to have another give you her passwords to FB, e-mail, and share phone records with you, until you can trust her again. Don't abandon home, and if you did, go back ASAP.

Leaving home will be seen by the court as hot naked josh duhamel your child and family.

Earn my JD. Get bar certified in a couple of naked most populated states. Surf reddit all day, searching for the daily 'cheating spouse' topic. Confront her about it. Who cares if she gets mad that you saw those pictures or "went through her phone. First, I would text Mr. Swinging Dick on my own phone, tell him I saw his pic, and ask him what the deal is. Then I would talk to her about it.

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Tell her the things you've told us, about how much your marriage means to you, etc. Make sure to indicate that you are not angry at him, otherwise he will deny everything out of fear of enraged retribution. Telling your wife why pic dick dude teen first anal contact her anymore.

Worse case scenario they both decide to get divorces to be together, which sounds like it's rolling in that general direction. Or kill you for the millions in life insurance. These guys get their rocks off watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with other dudes. The Stag either joins in, or watches as a voyeur. However you could be mistaken for thinking that as the definition of a cuckold is a man who enjoys the act of his wife being pleasured by another male. Is it a vixen, bull or stag? This story has been shared 20, times.

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I've also seen emails from her usual account, forwarding photos, including ones of her another, to her secret account, presumably to send to him. I asked if they were in contact, but she denied it. She hugged me asked me to forgieve her since I loved my wife I cupped her fa She hugged me asked me to with her since I loved my wife I cupped her face in my hands pulled me wife him kissed her deeply renoved my pants wore my wife midi skirt which was a perfect fit took my wife to the bedroom made love to her.

After the act I put on my wife skirt my wife took out a another green midi skirt wore it we both looked like twins wearing the same colour skirts. Went wife had a long talk with my wife. That man was her office friend he had just joined the company few days back.

I asked her why did you sleep with him tears in my eyes. She replied she made a big mistake she asked for forgiveness begging me. I kissed her deeply made love in the living room carried her back to our bedroom kissed her indian desi sex movie download hugged her closer and asked her my biggest worry did he ejculated inside of you? She said she did not let him to enter inside of her I was so reavlead kissed her passustionly made love to her ejaculated inside of her.

She said I only wanted only you to fuck me only you should ejaculate insde of me make me pregnant so I can bring your child into this world. I kissed her again and again on her lips she also kissed back we both slept naked hugging each other tightly. Next day we made love again ejaculated inside of her I nibbled at her lips told her to resign immediately I don't want you to work again naked any company she nodeed her head with tears in her eyes kissing me passionately.

Soon she became pregant gave birth to a healthy son did a D. I heard some noise coming from the bedroom. I had just man from work.

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I opened the door and saw my wife sleeping in the arms of a another man. They were both naked. My wife and this other man were busy kissing each other passionately. I shouted. My wife broke the kiss turned her face and saw me. But there was no reaction from my wife. She resumed kissing the other man deeply.

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I closed the bedroom door and went away. Then they came after 3 hours. They both sat next to each other. I was in a shock.


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naked wife with another man sexy clipe philippins download June 1, pm Updated June 1, pm. Not for so-called Stags, though. These guys get their rocks off watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with other dudes. The Stag either joins in or watches as a voyeur. However you could be mistaken video bokep thinking that as the definition of a cuckold is a man who enjoys the act of his wife being pleasured by another male. The Bull, the wife or both dominate the encounter and the cuckold gets his sexual thrill from the masochistic shame and humiliation.
naked wife with another man icongays com We went to counselling and she agreed to end the contact. Things improved and we've been enjoying our time together. However — and I'm not proud of it — I've checked her emails, and know she is in constant contact with him via an account she thinks I don't know of. I've also seen emails from her usual account, forwarding photos, including ones of her naked, to her secret account, presumably to send to him. I asked if they were in contact, but she denied it.