Matt fishel when boy meets boy

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Songtext von Matt Fishel - When Boy Meets Boy Lyrics

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When Boy Meets Boy

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When Boy Meets Boy - Wikipedia

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They go back to Marcus' apartment, where they spend the night together. The video includes scenes of gay sex, but all the while the characters' genitals are obscured by yellow stars. The video concludes with a superhero fight and rescue sequence as Fishel 's character is attacked in an alleyway by a gang of villains and the 'Marcus' character emerges as a skateboard-carrying superhero to rescue him. The video ends with the two characters kissing and the image becomes a still frame of a comic book titled 'Superfishel Comics'.

Matt Fishel - When Boy Meets Boy lyrics

Also, the fact that the tune is catchy and sweet helps too. It was also nominated for Best Video Pro. Fishel performs all lead and background vocals, guitars, synths and programming on the song, with additional guitars and bass by Jonas Jalhay and additional programming by Mark Crew.