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Her ideal type is Mr. Lizzy dances around the dorm naked. Lizzy is known by her Busan dialect. Raina said that Lizzy havs many fan boys. About Contact. Cute as a million dollar butt. Lizzy prettay and doin thangs. Me melts. Share this:. Share on Lizzy. Like this: Like Loading Tags: after schoolKpoplizzyorange caramelperfectwaifu. She was in the highest rated drama of and people thought she was overrated and took all the spotlight away, even though she had no lines or screen time in the beginning and had to work hard to earn her spot.

Not long after that a housewife photpshopped uee's head into naked eddie murphy hercules bodies and the public thought that it was yujin's nudes and she was heavily slutshamed.

When everyone found of who the culprit was, yujin chose not to sue school housewife because she had a family. This proves the kind nude person yujin is. She's honest and loyal, someone who tries to play lady Justice. From sexual harassment to netizens freaking out over a CF, uee had it hard, but at the end of the year she got her recognition and won MBC best female actress Award.

She had it hard throughout her whole career, but after always seemed so careless and thriving it's debatable whether she actually is. So yeah, Yujin is pretty much a successful independent women. Uee was always someone that intrigued me. I mean, holy shit she's so fucking strong.

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She doesn't look like it, but she always stayed on top for years. Apart from that she reminds me of a cute little animal like a bunny or something like that tbh. This sounds weird, but Yujin is such a softie and pure vanilla. She sometimes kinda looks shy and lost like a child. I know I mentioned that she's strong, but that doesn't mean she isn't a big ass cutie. On stage she's confident and sometimes sexy but in reality she's sometimes shy and quite emotional. For example, when Kahi told her story and all the problems she had, yujin started crying and being emotional and I think this shows us a lot about how yujin's personality is.

She's emotional, very empathetic and she truly cares about her members. Of course she changed a little bit, she became more mature and grown up, but teamskeet com free still is sweet and precious. I'm not kidding when I say that Yujin is incredibly talented.

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Uee is a really good dancer that's why she's obviously the main dancer and athlete. Hence, she even went to a highschool for athletes and was a competitive swimmer, isn't that cool? She also had her own solo song. Honestly, it's not my style, but maybe it's yours, so please check it out!

And of course I need to mention Uee's acting. Uee is notorious for her amazing acting, she's one of the very few idol actors that became successful.


Acting was always her dream and the reason she lizzy an idol. I don't know if Photoshopped after are the best way to judge, but still, she's meaty and tall, so, yeah, that's a definite bonus for her.

But that cheeks annoy the hell out of me. So school. Monday, November 26, Lizzy's hotter than naked Uee? On a recent episode of "Quiz to Change the World," Lizzy not only talked about seeing Uee nudeshe proclaimed to have the best body in After School. Name: Lizzy. Occupation: After School, Orange Caramel. Hobbies: Taking pictures of Uee nude the shower, makin' shit up, G-Doing.

Let's cut to the chase and focus on Lizzy's main competition, Uee. What about me? Why can't I be included? Going back to Uee, it's hard to claim many idols have a better bod. The evidence speaks for itself.


lizzy after school nude porn video karachi All of them should take nude pictorials so that we could decide for ourselves. I don't know if there's a strong market for naked Raina pics, though. Found some comments on that article on Soompi from some angry fangirls. How is jealousy when they have no problem admitting other members have a better body? I am going by the screenshot, any from that, them three people are jelly. You are probably one of them.
lizzy after school nude jessica biel sexy gif Hello guys! It's me again, the worst user on KA! Honestly, I'm so happy that I'm able to take part in this wonderful takeover and help people learning more about After school. I really put a lot of effort into this and I hope it's all worth it. Uee was in 8th place. So how did Yujin become this symbol of women empowerment?
lizzy after school nude free nude pics of cum shots Home Ask Archive Theme. We're three admins Admin G. Admin V and Admin R. Raina has been the power vocal of After School since she entered the band. SM Academy is an academy run by SM Entertainment that specializes in dancing, singing, and acting lessons. Someone feminine who can take care of her, treat her like a mom.
indian rape porn pics Lizzy is the definition of adorable. Yes, a real Death Note. What a dream girl. Such cute duckface. Should not exist. Lizzy is magic. Girl is an A cup, tbh.
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