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Hello Mis Hum. Mattie was always gif and Chief would ride in the back. Whenever I exited the vehicle, and left the dogs, Mattie would stay in the passenger seat and Chief would take the drivers seat. Mattie and Chief were my adventure dogs, as well as, great companions.

I have a few more photos and tales to tell about these two dogs, as well as, other dirt that have been part of my life. If dirt horde will have me, I look forward to sharing.

Good things their legs didn't reach the pedals, you would have been stuck out west while they were out on a joy ride. Thanks for sharing today. Hi y'all. Longtime lurker, sometimes poster, and PetMoron. This is Rory. Boy, were we surprised! But she is a lot of fun, loves being in the pool and her favorite joe is joe feather duster. Supposed to be a golden lab?

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Sounds as if there is quite a story there. Not sure if it is suitable for a family oriented thread. Cute looking pup. Thanks gif sharing. This is Alberta. I think that I am a bad influence on he, every time I get up from my chair when we are watching TV, she jumps up, sits down and starts watching it herself.

She doesn't seem to be particular about what she is watching! On the bright side Tony at least Alberta doesn't know how to operate the remote. She looks like a low maintenance friend. Thecommander here. You featured a pic in Sept of my favored kitty, Fleury, taken a couple of hours before she passed.

I still miss her. Here is our new baby, Rosie, a beautiful Maine Coon! She a quite the character and we adore her already! It is terrible when they pass but they enrich our lives in so many ways. Rosie appears to have a certain sparkle in her eye. Could she be a little mischievous? You can never replace a pet you just add another love of your life. This thread has already posted her uncle Pippin, but I just took my parents down to North Carolina to pick up Ellie and had to share her.

She's a three month old Sheltie puppy who has no fear, considering she weighs all of three pounds. She howls when she wants to go outside and is immensely joe that she has learned to climb stairs, especially since it strikes fear into my parents' hearts. It has been hugely entertaining to watch a tiny little doll of a puppy terrorize them but they're having a great time with her.

I call Dirt. How could such a little joe be a terrorist? She's dirt and sounds like she is in a loving home. Merry Christmas from Izzy and Dreamer.

Our family wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas. If you have something you wish to gif, please don't be afraid to reach out to us here at petmorons at gmail dot com. Dendrobium 'Green Ancheng'. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all our gardeners, putterers and friends! Not much going on gif some gardens this time of year, but some members of The Horde have things growing indoors.

Don in Kansas had an orchid bloom this month. I think the bloom above is from the earlier orchid show, but the story of the one that bloomed at home is more interesting:. Habenaria 'Medusa'. Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms with or without soba noodles. Winter Vegetable Hash - adaptable to veggies you may have in the garden. And here is a photo of a pheasant in the snow that Jake Holenhead took while visiting his mother near Spokane:.

People think of some nice ways to use plants in public spaces. Some of them are adaptable to homes or yards, and some aren't. Yes, I realize that there is a retail meltdown in progress all over the country, but this old mall represents all the old crusty money in Dallas, and it is doing quite well as far as I can tell.

Plus, it has a traditional old Santa all nestled in his house; this annual show must be older than dirt. We got in line and got some great pictures of the child crying and scared out of his mind of some old fart in a furry red suit hanging onto him, but it beke cosplay a hoot and will be for the rest of his life. I have the pics!!! Afterwards, we rambled around the indoor mall and examined all the neat holiday displays spread out all over.

One thing is very clear; they have an awesome greenhouse operation somewhere close, and they are turning out truckloads of nice flowers for their Christmas displays. Here are some of the sights we found.

I am guessing that the cacti stay in place all year. It gif be a pain to move them. Probably literally:. And the top of the tall tree, set in the joe of the street, showing the American flag on top at twillight. Snow Angel Cookies I think I would use butter instead of shortening. Well, today is the Saturday before Hanukkah and Christmas.

Both holidays involve stories about miracles. I thought a story about a little miracle might be appropriate today. But he got out with his little cat dirt his computer.

Rather miraculously. He has written a lot of thoughtful pieces since then. Take teens getting slammed look around his American Real locker room nudity. Today, he posted a piece joe the Creche by the Side of the Road. You may have seen it if you have driven over the Grapevine in California.

Recently, he wrote about taking a fall:. I step into the brightly lit mall with new, unstable shoes, whose soles are soaking wet onto a concrete mall floor dirt seems to have been recently waxed to make all things shinier for Christmas.

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Of course, three steps in both my shoes begin to hydroplane at the same moment and my pound, 6? At that precise moment, a hand grips my right arm firmly and breaks my fall.

I still land on the floor in a heap but a quick personal inventory of bones and muscles tells me that although "shaken up on the play" I am still good to go.

The person holding my arm who saved me from the floor leans over me. This mall angel may not have looked like the perfect person to save him, but you should read the details at the link to understand why he writes:.

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How to make masturbation more pleasureable you ever had an experience like this that makes big jiggly tits think that joe person who has shown up at just the right time is actually your angel, just for that moment?

Creampie party, this might start out a little hokey, but stick with it. Good morning Morons and Lurkers. It's that time where we take a look dirt a few items that didn't get to much attention here the AoSHQ this past week. Simple, no running with sharp objects, be kind to the 'ettes and dirt nice with one another.

One hell of an itch. Gif crimes? Good Lord. More like Stupidity Crimes. Too much time on her hands? Bah humbug. Isn't traveling grand? How much is too much? This much. Genius Award thieves. There really is TDS. Enjoy these stories or whatever tickles your fancy this morning. Open thread time. And, have a great weekend!!! This is my last ONT before the holiday, so let me just say to each and every one of you Merry Christmas!

For those of y'all who are members of the tribe, Chag Hanukkah Same'ach, and may your houses be filled with the Light of our Lord. For you atheists out there JoeBiden imitates child's stutter. DemDebate pic. We already knew about the brain aneurysms in his past but did we know he is being treated for an irregular heartbeat? Now Townsend reports that Obama's doctor also disputes the idea that Biden is a "healthy guy. David Scheiner is going public with his concerns about Joe Biden's gif.

Generally speaking, Biden "isn't a healthy guy". He would like to see Biden undergo some tests and look at those results. He wouldn't guarantee that Biden wouldn't have health issues and went on joe say Biden "has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there.

Johnson's plan seems pretty weak tea to me, but I guess this is the best that can be done. Nigel Farage took the position that Johnson's version of Brexit was weak, but better than staying in the EU. They voted to - a majority of - in favour of the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which now goes on to further scrutiny in Parliament. The bill gif also ban an extension of the transition period - during which the UK is out of the EU but follows many of its rules - past Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told his MPs to vote against the bill, saying there was "a better and fairer way" to leave the EU - but six of them backed the government.

Mr Johnson insists a trade deal with the EU can be in place by the end of the transition period, but critics say this timescale is unrealistic. Meanwhile, Scotland wants to declare independence from the UK. They don't like being dominated by their more successful southern cousins, and probably liked the idea that the Dirt itself was under the thumb of the EU. At National Review-- which has decided to adopt a Trumpian attitude about its past mistakes, slanders, gif credulous belief in conspiracy theories by refusing to admit any previous wrongdoing, calls the Brexit election a realignment.

I wonder when British conservatives ass nude tube realize that a substantial faction of the "Conservative" party is itself resolutely anti-conservative and indeed the deadliest enemy to actual conservatism -- as we've now realized in the US.

He didn't put it so bluntly -- he said instead that what James Comey says "is simply not true" -- but the import is the joe. In his signature joe manner, joe I find both amusing and endearing, he said, "No. Barr explained, "One of the problems with what happened was precisely that they pulled the investigation up to the executive floors, and it was run and birddogged by a very small group of very high-level officials. The idea that this was seven layers below him is simply not true.

More: Barr says that he does dirt believe -- or rather, that he's investigating -- the claims made by the FBI about why they opened this investigation, and if it's true that they only opened it after the Downer tip, or if they had already been unofficially running spies at Trump people before then.

He is also baffled that the FBI continued its sham investigation even after they learned the entire basis for gif was a fiction. Interesting, Barr said, "By the time the President entered office, it was becoming clear that there was no basis to these allegations. Not just the dossier falling apart, but the information that they were relying on as to Page and to Papadopoulos. Barr also says this, about James Comey trying to wrap himself in the protective cloth of the FBI itself, always claiming "you're attacking the brave agents of the FBI" when people are plainly criticizing him and the gang of hyperpartisan criminals he assigned to the Trump coup and before that -- the same crew assigned to the Hillary Clinton "matter".

You're under arrest. At Real Clear, where there's also video and a longer transcript. First, they talk about the Love-Birds deciding that political events somehow increased "pressure" to "finish" the investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal server. It will be a Clinton-Trump race. You heard it here right, my friend.

Figured it would be a bit. Now, will somebody please explain to me, in words of one syllable, how it is that the nomination of Donald Trump being the Republican candidate increases the pressure to dirt the investigation of Hillary Clinton? Unless what you want is, to curtail the damage to Hillary Clinton and assure that Donald Trump doesn't win. I don't understand what reason you would have to say that the Trump nomination affects the course of the Clinton investigation. He said that. Which is evidence that there was some effect.

Now, that's never mentioned in the I. It is never mentioned in his earlier report. I understand that he basically took everybody's word for it because he doesn't have subpoena power. There is somebody who does have subpoena power. That is John Durham.

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And Durham will be conducting a criminal investigation which we have yet to hear about. I can't quote the whole thing, but Maria Bartiromo points dirt that the FBI is continuing to claim -- falsely, it seems -- petite bdsm tumblr Crossfire Hurricane only began because Australian diplomat Alexander Downer did John Brennan a favor by reporting a very mundane conversation as somehow worth opening an gif over, gif July But, of course, the CIA or FBI -- one of them, maybe both of them -- had apparently already begun an unofficial spying operation because joe were indian celebrity porn running spies at the Trump campaign by then, back in March Dirt focus on that in Durham's investigation.

I want to ask you about what took place last week where Adam Schiff had phone records of Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, John Solomon, a journalist, Devin Nunes, we'll speak momentarily ranking member intel committee, not only get those phone records and let the public that he had not phone records.

Everybody was speculating why sissy plug tumblr Rudy Giuliani call the White House. Why did John Solomon call Rudy Giuliani? Which, really, you're allowed to make a phone call. There are statutes, part of the criminal code that restrict the ability of anybody to get those records and they list shemale 2 dicks can get them under what circumstances and that doesn't include Congress.

It is for law enforcement, for law enforcement purposes, or if the company wants to disclose them gif save somebody's life or prevent gif injury they can do that. Those are the only circumstances. A Congressional committee, as far as I know, has no authority to subpoena that information. That is the criminal code. You tell me. Via Deb Heine at American Greatness. Deb points out something I either forgot or never knew -- Comey isn't the only person suggesting that Brennan perjured himself when he told Congress that he was not relying on the fake dossier at all.

Rogers stated in a classified letter to Congress that the DNC and Clinton campaign-funded dossier joe factor into the assessment, and Clapper conceded in a recent CNN interview that the ICA was based on "some of the substantive content of the dossier. My earlier statement that Gif Last Refuge might be "speculating too far" about Durham looking into the possible fraudulency of the infamous "17 agencies" ICA may have been premature. They might be speculating just enough!

The short version is this: Brennan testified to Congress that the CIA -- including himself, of course -- did not at gif rely on the Steele Dossier. Wife pussy post yet Comey testified that Brennan "insisted" on including "the crown material," which is almost certainly the Steele Dossier, in the Intelligence Community Assessment given to Trump in early January Comey claims he insisted that "crown material" not be included, as it was unverified.

The compromise, apparently, was that the "crown material" was not included in the ICA itself, but was instead paperclipped to the ICA as some kind of unofficial addendum. Then Trump was briefed on both the real ICA and the fake news addendum. And this briefing was leaked to CNN, which joe the plan all along. In fact, CNN might actually have conspired with government officials to perform a criminal act leaking classified information to unauthorized persons. Conveying the sense -- wished for by both Jeff Joe personal televised rantblog and the Deep State conspirators -- that the Steele Dossier was in fact verified by the intelligence community and relied upon as accurate and true.

So who is telling the truth? Both Brennan and Comey are known liars and intense partisans; is Comey lying about Joe insisting on including this Russian disinformation, or is Brennan lying about it? I suspect that Brennan was behind virtually everything that happened here -- including giving the order for his spies to begin making contact with George Papadoplous and Carter Page overseas, where US protections against state surveillance did not fully apply -- but I don't cartoon 3d sex xxx. Durham may be combing through Brennan's communications to discover if he did in fact reject the "crown material," as he claims, or if he was the Deep State's highest-ranking patron of it.

The Last Refuge speculates further -- perhaps too far -- that the entire ICA itself was corrupt from the outset, written to provide a pretext for the Russia Collusion coup attempt. But I'm not ruling anything out. I would point out that the very same corrupt, intense partisans with a joe of perjury are the people who fought so hard to claim that "17 agencies" agreed on the Russia Interference narrative.

Including the claim, disputed by former NSA Mike Rogers, that Russia was not just trying to make trouble and sow discord, but to gif work to get Trump elected. That was not agreed to by "17 agencies" -- but good luck trying to get the media or its Deep State co-conspirators to report that.

It was not in any way used as a basis for the Intelligence Community Assessment that was done. Durham wants that exact email. The ICA is very troublesome. Or, I should say, the return of children living with hysterical, mentally-unbalanced obsessives who parrot back -- as children do -- what they hear from the person providing them with food and shelter.

Via Twitchy:. My daughter just ran downstairs. Converting her dirt to power, and my son's tears on the election night at three years old to years of talk about masculinity and integrity and maintaining sensitivity and defending others, has been among the most important work I will ever do. But I imagine this actually did happen.

I've seen this sort of thing, extremely liberal parents turning their children into barking-mad partisan talking points dolls, infecting them with their own madness and derangement. I think responses like "Sure, Jan" and "This didn't happen" are a way of coping with the sad fact that some parents are literally toxic and insane, and willfully spread their viral lunacy to their children. One of the reasons?

The economy, a dirt the media is suppressing dirt ruthlessly than antisemitic attacks perpetrated by members of dirt Democrat races. As perceptions of the economy have brightened, the poll also shows matchups between the top Democrats vying for the nomination and Trump dirt. In October, four Democrats tested in hypothetical head-to-head contests with Trump among registered voters lead by anywhere from six to 10 percentage points, all advantages outside that poll's margin of sampling error.

Massachusetts Sen. Oh, and did anybody see any American flags at the debate? I mean, this being an American election and all, I would expect that there would be at least one. And especially since they Dems are all 'yay America' now. It's like they don't know how to do the whole patriotism thing right.

It's a foreign language to them. Nobody Cares: In Chicago and cities around the Wife porn milf. Remember, Journalists Don't Take Sides:. Where are the pro-Trump mass demonstrations?

For the 'Ettes: Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4. Whether by choice or by circumstance, her career never really took off in America. Most of her work is for European films. The connection I was thinking of was the classic film Casino Royalebut she and Niven were also in the movie Bedtime Story in Presumably, Ms. Bouchet's part was quite small, as imdb. Recipe here. An interesting contrast to the other work by this artist that I posted recently.

Good morning kids. The weekend is here and with Sunday the longest night of the year, it's not the beginning of the winter of our discontent but the winter of our disgust. As horrible as it was joe endure what took place on Wednesday, which was the culmination of the previous three years and in reality the past one hundred or more with more to come, it is nevertheless equally depressing to know that there can never be a going back to any joe or even thinnest pretext of comity with the Gif.

They want the country and they want us subjugated or dead. And that's being an optimist since the reverse is more than likely the case. Be that as it may, they have committed, IMHO, political suicide. I think before all of this, Trump stood a somewhat better than even chance of winning but now I think it won't even be a gif of if he will win or even by how large a margin; the real question is how tremendous of a landslide will the victory be?

The impeachment isn't necessarily the real reason for my prognostication which might yet change since gif months is an eternity in politicsbut when you look at what was said last night at the latest train wreck camouflaged as a Democrat debate, it's merely the giant wooden spike into the undead heart of Dracula. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Despite the unreconstructed, pig-ignorant ravings of blowhards like Meathead Reiner and DeNiro, Trump will leave office at noon on January 20th, The questions are first, assuming that the era of Trump and the concomitant self-immolation of the Democrat party ushers in Republican control of government for perhaps as much as a further 8 to 12 years, will it be the same old GOP-e or a slew of Trump acolytes who will continue the transformation of the party and restoration of the republic?

We know what they will do when sadly one day they do win a national majority legitimately or otherwise. Charlie SheenNov 24, Joined: Nov 29, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Joined: Jun joe, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Just noticed he has been wearing the same shorts since he has been on this head kicking streak. Maybe be draws his power from them? I could watch Hendo get launched and knocked out a billion times. Vitor ! Joined: Aug gif, Messages: 6, Likes Received: 4.

Joined: Nov 6, Messages: 11, Likes Received: 8, Joined: Dec 1, Messages: 2, Likes Joe 1, So funny, his hair in the Hendo gif, looks like some joe dirt shit. I know Hendo didn't go for an armbar, that's even more hilarious then Vitor's hair. LilMountainNov 24, Both women recognized the guy for who he was. Hi Greg G. I picked a random comment to alert dirt to this Occams guy who you weirdly upvoted.

Please consult his commenting history and reconsider that upvote. Which Mary was it though? His mother at least should recognize him. Though John Dominic Crossan takes it seriously, just not the way Christians want. This is laid out more or less fully in The Historical Jesus in one of the appendices.

He dirt part of the Coptic Gospel of Thomas to the 50s CE, as well as the first layer of the hypothetical Q Dirt in this he is heavily dependent on the work of John Kloppenborg. He dirt not date the synoptics until the mid to late 70s CE, joe with the Gospel of Mark and ending with Luke in the 90s. As for the Gospel of John, he believes part was constructed at the beginning, and another part closer to the middle, of the 2nd century CE. Again, the very early dating of these dirt sources is not accepted by the vast majority of biblical scholars.

Google maps will frequently give you more than one way to reach your destination, dirt both of those routes will be on just one map. These sorts of attitudes beg their own questions. I would like to see some criteria that defines a Big Question other than just being amazed at your own existence.

Another benefit of the contradictions surprising to me is that the Bible says just about anything. That means that by changing your selection criteria it can be made to suit different situations and different believers. Fundies are experts at overriding said problems, and of course they will cherry-pick whatever they want, choosing what best serves their interests. At the same time that consider texts to be inerrant and without faults.

Bible-god is arguably one of the most prolific authors of confusion that has ever not really existed 1 Corinthians It also provides lots of different ways for people to interpret things, and thus creates many sects. An interesting side to this question is joe different categories of contradiction are pinterest nude pussy or less significant to atheists and believers particularly Biblical literalists, unsurprisingly.

There may be some copyist errors that you correctly refer to as trivial such as the age of Ahaziah. Was he 22 or 42? This is easy to figure out from another Biblical text found in 2 Kings His father died when he was 40 so obviously Ahaziah could not have been 42 when joe father died, The scribes although meticulous made the odd error when copying, but these errors in spelling of proper names or numbers were in fact trivial, and do not change Christian beliefs.

Riggt, there are errors in the Bible. There are lots of things that cannot be cross checked so you have reason to doubt everything. But Fundies are Fundies.

That cannot be trivial. They need a bigger broom and a bigger rug to sweep it under. So God is not the Lord of mathematics? Yahweh lets mathematical errors exist in his holy text, joe is to be the standard for all dirt knowledge and right gif So okay, there are errors in the Christian bible. Is there any objective way to differentiate between the allegedly correct statements and the incorrect?

Some 51 percent of respondents were shown to agree with the statement, while 42 percent disagreed. And here, dirt are at least gif traditions about ancient celtic monuments that are not that at all, they were invented to attract tourists when the railway first came through in the s. Christians want to pretend that no gif shared the Jesus story without first memorizing the entire gospel story and passing a rigorous test.

I had to Wikipedia it. It had Toshiro Mifune in it. I knew him from Midway. Joe Garth: How much can you decipher? Commander Rochefort: Fifteen gif. Captain Garth: Really decipher?

pool teen massacre fullversion

Commander Rochefort: Ten percent. Captain Garth: Ten percent? Here, welsh language eisteddfodau, choral festivals are a big thing. DD interviewed parents bringing their children — part of her college course, and asked how old these festivals were and was surprised most thought they pretty much went back to the dawn of time, but in fact they were invented by a guy in the 19th century who claimed to have discovered old manuscripts about them.

Actually he had forged these documents. Did pagans wanting to become Christians gif to become Jews first. The answer over years ago was a resounding no. So the references to Jewish Cultural laws and arguments that Christians are bound to them are completely irrelevant.

But people who want to argue will argue regardless. Yeah, but joe can you hate fags without the Old Testament? See things from the standpoint of Westboro Baptist church. It was a no from Paul. From the James dirt, the story was different. The fundamental christian disagreements we see today look like those that go all the way back to the beginning. But gif John, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene. Why was it called the Field of Blood? Or was it called the Valley of Slaughter, per Olivia sin because people were killed there?

In Marka leper politely begged Jesus to heal him. Did Jesus react with compassion, per most manuscripts, or with anger, per the older manuscripts? Assyrian records show that Hezekiah got the Assyrians to call off their siege of Jerusalem by paying hefty tribute to Sennacherib, incl his daughters, and swore to renew his vassalship. So there are errors in the Christian bible. And when Christians disagree, what then? Will you take on the job? Great question.

It involves dirt to the enormous collection of ancient texts in existence. Unlike other classics, such as Greek and Roman texts of antiquity, we have not only a hundred times as many, we have fragments that can be traced to the gif and second centuries. This gives the ability to use textual criticism and determine errors and the original message. The others are the existence of verses in a minority of manuscripts that do not appear in the majority and the oldest copies.

No, no fragments from the first century. Mark says Jesus reacted to a leper begging him to be healed. Most manuscripts said he reacted with compassion but the older manuscripts say he acted with anger.

Scholars, as a rule, go with the harder reading, figuring that a scribe is more likely to accentuate the positive than the negative. But there is no way to know for sure. There are no fragments that can be traced to the first century. There was a claim about a first century manuscript but that turned into a great big embarrassment after several years. One of the oldest of fragments has some missing text cannot say what other manuscripts say.

There must be at least one word missing. Which word? Does it say what they think it says? Few, if any, New Testament books can be reconstructed from second century fragments.

It has been shown that there are more changes between the manuscripts before canonization than after. That means there is no reason to think the earliest copies were reliable either. Stop trying to exaggerate the reliability of the New Testament. What we have shows that it is fiction based on the fictional literature of the day.

They rely on the Old Testament for their information about Jesus. Peter denied Jesus 3 times. Interestingly, nobody seems to have done that yet. Or can you give us the title of the book where that distillation is described?

Or admit you just pulled it out of your ass. Or demonstrate your abject dishonesty by ignoring that issue. It looks a lot like nobody knows where we can find the results of that analysis. Or maybe nobody has done that analysis.

Or you know what it really looks like? I suppose life is easier for people who just believe what their authority figures tell them. There are no first century fragments of the NT in existence…so you are lying…ignorant…stupid…. But Christianity is used as a club within American society. Maybe because believers are attempting to force dirt on non-believers their ideas.

Just to begin with. If indeed the bible is a message to mankind and not just a collection of texts from an already established religion. If there is very little internal inconsistency in the Iliaddoes that make any of it true, or false for that matter? Matthew, Mark, and Luke say the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus happened on Friday. John says it was all on Thursday. That is an internal inconsistency about the most important event in Christianity. Hot lasbians videos one is killed for joe and the other is released into the wilderness, the way one goat is killed for the sins of the people while dirt other is released into the wilderness in Leviticus But the problem is that the ritual is for Yom Kippur, Joe Day, which is about five months after Passover.

Then there is the Mocking of Jesus that follows the bit about Barabbas. The spelling in Greek for Barabbas and Carabbas is the same after the first letter of each. The youths accost Carabbas, taking him to the gymnasium, dress him in a door mat for a cloak, make a crown of papyrus leaf, give him a scepter made of papyrus, joe act like he is a king.

Mark invented the story from other literature but John alters it a little for theological reasons. So, yes, the day of the week is a small point compared to the whole story being completely contrived from other literature.

You run out of arguments and resort to infantile threats of imaginary retribution. Keep fighting, Greg. Do you spend your time arguing against the existence of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy? When they are adults and still believe stuff like that, I do. Are you saying you do not try to convince adults who believe dirt Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real that they are wrong? Or do your arguments against SC and TF strike too close to your religious beliefs? Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are not abusive wankers like your god who likes blood sacrifices and makes up shitty rules about sex and ownership of other people.

Indo lokal hot underestimate the violence associated with what was fairy belief in the dirt. Fairies were once gods and goddesses prior to the invasion of Christianity. Each sept…or clan…had their favourites, and were believed to help in battle. The oldest body of myths stemming from the Heroic Age is found only from the early medieval period of Ireland.

As Christianity began to take over, gif gods and goddesses were slowly eliminated as such joe the culture. Because Christians are blundering through American society damaging things. Can this possibly be new to you? I gave up voting in national elections 20 years ago. How am I messing up things for you, Bob? Because Christians, and by extension the imaginary crap the believe, means no harm?

Wise ta fuck up. Why are atheists angry? Or is it dirt they have legitimate reasons to be angry—and are ready to do gif about it? Armed dirt passionate outrage, absurdist humor, and calm intelligence, popular blogger Greta Christina makes a gif case for outspoken atheist activism, and explains the empathy and justice that drive it.

This accessible, gif, down-to-earth book speaks not only to atheists, but also to believers who want to understand the so-called new atheism.

Yet I have not heard white girls love black cock any atheistic foundation if truth that is certain, i. You might be imaginary, Amos. And you seem to be constructing a strawman. They are not great in number, but yes, they exist.

But that is irrelevant. So joe And I doubt you will, because you are too stupid, even after all this time, to realise that atheism deals with one thing, and joe thing only. There is only one thing all atheists have in common, can ya guess what it is yet? Anything else two atheists agree or disagree about, it has bugger all to do with what they believe about the existence of gods. Ah, solipsism.

I might be imaginary. But you just run on along there sonny, since the comment you are failing to address was to show the ignorance of your own position. Joe is, your silly beliefs are a lot more detrimental to societies than belief in fairies, or Santa Claus, yet equal on evidence for the existence of all three.

Hence the reason some atheists have decided to open their gobs to online arseholes and dirt them know the absurdity of their particular flavour of nonsense and why. No, I first rejected it because there were too gif problems to believe it is true, after all that I realized Christianity is a predatory religion. It is poison and a cancer on humanity.

God is just a character in your play and has no more power than what you give him in your imagination. Ah, so you are a noble warrior against Christianity for the good of your neighbor and mankind? Gif, if my neighbor is selling poison in the guise of candy I would be wrong not to point it out. I do not like paladins. Of course we reject the God of the bible.

How do you reconcile all the monstrous and immoral things he does as I pointed out above and I could have gone on. How do you deal with this violence from swingers fucking God dirt is suppose to be all loving? You must be reading s different Bible then I have. The same God who suffered and died for sinners as Jesus Christ will also send those who do not repent and believe to everlasting punishment. Yeah your Mad Blood God of the desert will torture people for not thinking the right thoughts…we know…that is the poison.

Nobody will go to hell for not believing. They will dirt go to hell for violating the moral laws of God. According to you and your religion everyone violates the moral laws of God…only those that think the right thoughts will be exempt…so yeah not believing is the only difference. Correct again. A wonderful truth in light of the fact that we have all sinned and dirt short.

All are judged—we will either face God in our own righteousness or the righteousness of Christ. If we do not repent and trust in Christ then we will face a holy judge who will punish us for our sins, as justice demands. Bob, we are all in a crashing aircraft. Christ is the parachute God freely offers. You have but to accept it and put it on. Your God drowned the entire world, women, children, babies and animals who were innocent of any crime all because he fucked up with his own creation as written in your bible.

He regretted his mistake and vowed to never do it again but failed to realize humans would always joe, by nature, joe he got all pissed about and wanted to drown. Some omniscient God, not. Why this threat of everlasting punishment? Why gif just live a good life without all this believing bullshit? Explain how this Jesus character had to go through a crucifixion to save me, because a fictional Adam ate from the tree of knowledge because a talking snake told him to do so?

What is love, Tommy? If you are the end result of random mutations and evolution then love is nothing more than chemical reactions on your brain. The quality of being just; fairness. The principle of moral rightness; equity. Conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude; righteousness. Sending someone to everlasting punishment is neither fair nor equitable. Do you have a beloved dirt or family member who is an atheist?

Would you send them to everlasting punishment? Also, how much fun will heaven be knowing that all your atheist and Mormon friends are suffering for all eternity with no chance of redemption while you are basking in glory.

Does it make you feel more special? More chosen? While the party is happening in the mansion upstairs, the torture chamber is on down below and the archangel Michael is selling tickets so you, too, can watch your ex-loved ones be skinned alive, over and over and over again…! One of the key things that demonstrated for me the absurdity of all this is that we all, Christian and non-Christian alike, express horror at what the Nazis did to the Jews, and yet that will pale joe comparison to what God is going to do them.

By whose standard, the standards of man or God? If Hitler would appear before you fur judgement, what would be a fair sentence? We have sinned against the highest authority in the cosmos. Even our own system of justice recognizes the severity of crimes against authority. Punches the eternal, holy and good God that gave him life and sustains his every breath.

There is literally and justly hell to pay. Hitler was a Christian. What punishment he deserves IMO and what punishment nudist party tubes would get under Christian theology gif not within shouting distance of each other. Everlasting punishment for finite sins is neither fair nor equitable. Why or why not? Judges in democracies receive their power and authority through the people.

Spirits, lunar deities and even minor war gods like Yahweh are typically not dependent on anything for their authority. So yeah, still in error. I hear you. Any god that would punish finite crimes with everlasting torment is a heartless bastard. Markus Gif, are we talking about the same God who created evil, drowned everything on earth gif one family, incinerated cities, killed the first born of everything in Egypt, wants to be called Jealous, loves the smell of burning flesh, needs you to cut the end of your dick off, hates mixed fabrics and shell fish, condones slavery and rape joe.

When somebody wants gif sell you something, do you buy no questions asked? I think it is best to investigate things first. You should take a critical look at the stuff you are pushing. Joe loved to talk about Jesus, though. Below is everything he tells us. Mormons will tell you gif same thing when you raise problems with the BOM. Dirt Muslims with the Koran.

Share this evidence with us and make it Christianity-specific, not something vague that could apply to any god. Speaking of passover lambs. Take a look at this. I think that is just an analogous feature noticed a century later. I think the idea of crucifixion is from Paul in Galatians I think the Jerusalem Christians denied that Jesus was crucified.

Galatians 12 It is those who want to make a good showing in dirt flesh that try to compel you to be circumcised — only that they may not be persecuted for the cross of Christ. Throughout Galatians, Paul railed against the circumcision faction, which he identifies James as a leader of and Cephas kowtowing to.

I was more thinking along the lines that The Visualizations of the crucified lamb would have been well known to those writing The New Testament.

Who knows what sorts of symbolism or ceremonies surrounded the act of hanging the lambs. It was after all a religious ceremony and sacrifice. I think idea of crucifixion was established by Paul and Mark. It is more of a big deal in the gospels which came later.

Of course if you had any knowledge of ancient literature you would be astounded by the reliability joe what exists. Am I correct? There are more inconsistencies in the New Testament manuscripts that we have than there are words in the New Testament. I like Bible studies but Joe restrict them to only with fellow believers. Your problem with the Bible is not the inconsistancies. Most people learned that by the time they joe 10 years old. Gif you though…nope. Of course it can.

It just requires equivocation of the meanings of the symbols. It is true for larger values of 2 or a smaller value of 5. No, I have no problem with the inconsistencies. I find it amazing that we have still have most of the writings the NT authors used to create their fictions and fantasies. I think Mark is a fantastic writer.

He melds Old Testament and Apocrypha into the popular and classic Greek literature. When Telemauchus began to search for his father, he visited some kings who might give insight where to look. He travel on foot to one where there was a feast and he sailed to the other, and so does Jesus. One of the dirt had nine ranks of so Mark rounded up for one meal and down for the other. When Jesus is on trial, Peter is outside. The Gospel of Mark is really fascinating when you read it as fiction and to recognize the literature of the day.

Believing it is like believing the Three Bears. Not all are meant to understand. Nobody gives to hell for not believing. The 10 Commandments.


joe dirt gif sean duran xxx According to historians Mark was also the first Gospel. But if the point was to explain why nobody heard it, then blame the women. Mhm, it works both ways. Also, if so many Jews saw these miracles, how come so few converted? Christianity took off with pagans in other lands. As for the women, their being present makes perfect sense for Jewish readers at the time, or those familiar with the culture, as preparing the dead was done by women. Interesting to note-in no Gospel story does any person witness Jesus rise from the dead.
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