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Por ejemplo, Australian Blonde, hoy justamente olvidados. Por lo menos, cantan en castellano. Se limitan a exhibir actitud, gusto presuntamente exquisito y moderneo. Cultura Cine. Javier Ruiz.

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Tangana's soft sounds became as important as the voice, that started to gain acoustic treatment. He also broke all the moulds with his appearance, dressing unabashedly with branded clothing and surrounding himself with people of upper-middle class.

This fact clashed with the prejudices and the morals of hip-hop in Spain. In that time, the vast majority of the groups still had the working class pride and it was associated to the slums and the sporty clothes. Nevertheless, multinationals, success and money were already part of the rap world.

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Inhe adopted a more traditional lyric style, but he also continued with the most creative part of his music. Tangana's style. The twinkgayporn lasted until sharing answer songs, known as "beefs" in rap's slang.

When C. As a response, C.

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Tangana released the song "Nada", where he wanted to tell his own experience as something called in the underground rap world as "praw lesson"; in other words, not to insult or to argue in a trivial way. When the conflict was over, he declared to Seven Star Radio that the group get benefit from the revolutionary image of the left-wing, that it's a group with ideas that don't offer anything new, and that its music is advertisement of a small segment of the population.

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In his songs, C. Tangana transmits individualistic ideals. On occasion, some mass media have interpreted sexist sentences tangana [6] in his songs. Regarding to his political ideas, he said that he doesn't believe in the representative democracy. Among all the influences, he also underlined If You're Reading This It's Too Late twitter Drakeand other singers like Pharrell Williams and Kanye Westbecause of their ability and inclination to innovate and to attract public's attention.

However, he has confessed several times to listening all musical genres because, as he said, everything has an interesting side.

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Tangana's music is not the result of particular singers, but the product of musical movements and trends; although he recently said in an interview that his idol was the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson.