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That is how La Caja Negra was born last year; an album where Carmen Boza takes control of production and arrangement and finds her distinguishing sound.

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La Caja Negra is made up of nine songs full of guitar riffs and catchy melodies which support her dark and introspective lyrics. Carmen Boza's music feeds off her strong bond with her guitar, which she has played since she was 15; and off her interest for many proposals of commercial music, at the same time as other more alternative projects. Her original musical proposal, talent and trajectory have established Carmen Boza as one of the most interesting Spanish female proposals with the most impact in the last few years.

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La Caja Negra – Nuevo Disco

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With a characteristic guitar stroke and some very personal lyrics, now presents La Caja Negra, a new project hot off the press in April with a wild sound, austere and sloppy, but sophisticated and elegant skin inside, which she claims to define it completely.

The concerts will start at 9,30 p.

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